"Listen to me. Just...stay put. Don't - I repeat, DON'T - come after me. Just...stay where you are. Where I know that you're safe. [...] Bye. I love you," 
-- Abigail's voice recording for her sibling
Abigail is a main character in Fallout: Big Easy. She is the sister of the Stranger and has been their guardian since their parent's death. In 2279, Abigail left the safety of Vault 60 for parts unknown, leading to her sibling also leaving to search for her out in the wasteland.

The Companions eventually discovered that Abigail's destination was Vault 122, located at the epicenter of the Ravaged Hills, although her motive for such a dangerous journey is still unknown.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Abigail was born in 2259 to John and Martha, three years before her younger sibling. Their parents died when they were young, leaving Abigail the guardian of her younger brother.

Events of Big Easy Edit

2279 Edit

In 2279, Abigail broke out of Vault 60 and headed out into the wasteland. Her leaving threw the vault into chaos, forcing Overseer Frankson to declare martial law. Several hours after this declaration, her younger sibling also left the vault in search of her.

Abigail travelled south, fighting through the ruins of New Orleans to the Superdome, where she learned of "The Wise Man in the Cave". She subsequently headed north-west, to the far edges of the Big Easy, where she met the Wise Man, revealed to be Goris from Fallout 2. From Goris, she learned of the location of Vault 122, located in the Ravaged Hills, and began the dangerous journey toward the vault.

2280 Edit

Relationships Edit

The Stranger Edit

Abigail is the Stranger's older sister and she cares for them deeply.

She regretfully left her sibling behind in the vault when she left, leaving a voice recording asking them to stay behind and not leave and search for her.

Goris Edit

Abigail sought out the intelligent deathclaw Goris while searching for the location of Vault 122.

Trivia Edit

  • Abigail was born on the 182nd anniversary of the Great War.
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