"Big Easy my ass,"
-- Gary-3 about the Big Easy, translated by Amanda
The Big Easy Wasteland, referred to simply as the Big Easy, is the general name given to the ruins of New Orleans and the region surrounding it. Despite its name, the Big Easy is known for its rough and inhospitable conditions, including irradiated water, powerful dust storms, and hideously mutated creatures.

History Edit

Before the Great War, the Big Easy was a vast, vibrant swampland region surrounding the city of New Orleans. It was part of the larger Gulf Commonwealth and the former state of Louisiana.

Events of Big Easy Edit

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Environment Edit

The Big Easy suffers from severe radioactive dust storms caused by the Ravaged Hills, one of the two areas hit by the nuclear weapons that destroyed much of the region. Despite this, the Big Easy appears to be a somewhat healthier area of the post-nuclear United States. The skies are brighter and clearer, and vegetation such as mutfruit, melons, tato plants, and corn can be seen growing plentifully in the region, providing wastelanders with a reliable source of food. Similarly, water pumps can be seen throughout the region as well, providing wastelanders with a reliable source of fresh, clean water. The Big Easy also sees regular rainfall.

The overall landscape is less blasted and scorched than other areas, such as the Capital Wasteland, due to the fact that the New Orleans area never suffered a direct hit, with the nuclear explosions detonating farther northeast, in what is now the Ravaged Hills, and out at sea. Despite this, the Big Easy is still a difficult and hostile place to live: it is plagued by powerful dust storms that can accelerate to the extent to flaying alive anyone caught in them.

Inhabitants Edit

Due to the fact that few bombs hit the Big Easy, rebuilding society has been less challenging than in other parts of the country.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Big Easy" is a common nickname for the city of New Orleans.
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