"There's rules out here. Rules about life and death. You wanna survive out there, you gotta be smart. [...] Not smart like me. Smart like 'it's that guy or you',"
-- The Professor to the Stranger
Colin Shaw, often referred to as The Professor, is a main character in Big Easy. He is a teacher of history and literature in the settlement of Tank Town and a former adventurer. Following his last failed expedition to New Orleans, Colin became a respected and beloved teacher in his home town. Once the Stranger turns up looking for their sister, the Professor decides to head back out into the wasteland to aid them in their search along the dangerous roads.

History Edit

Colin was once an adventurer, often heading out to travel the Big Easy for weeks on end, searching for pre- and post-war loot. After losing his wife and his partner in the wastes, Shaw retired in Tank Town and became a teacher instead. His restless spirit never calmed, however, and a part of him always wanted to head back out into the wastes.

Events of Big Easy Edit

2279 Edit

2280 Edit

Overview Edit

Personality Edit

The Professor is smart and charitable, spending his days teaching the residents of Tank Town how to read and write, which were essential skills before the war. He is a restless spirit.

Relationships Edit

The Stranger Edit

The Professor and the Stranger become fast friends in a short period of time.

Gary-3 Edit

"Damn right,"
-- Gary-3 and the Professor

Amanda Edit

The Professor initially dismisses Amanda as a child, but changes his view of her when she demonstrates her survival skill.

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