"Gary! Gary, Gaaarrryyy...Gary!"
-- Translated as "You can count on us...let's go,"
Gary-3, simply referred to as Gary, is a main character in Big Easy. He is a clone of a man named "Gary" who was produced in Vault 108 in the Capital Wasteland, and was the only clone who didn't demonstrate any hostility to other life forms. He was kicked out the vault by his clone brothers and ended up having several adventures across the wasteland. In 2279, he ended up in the Big Easy, accompanied by a young girl he now protects, Amanda. Together they decided to accompany The Stranger.

History Edit

Cloning Edit

Gary-3 was the third of 54 clones of a resident of Vault 108. Unlike all the other clones, which displayed intense and murderous aggression to any non-clone, Gary-3 was instead kind and pacifist. Like the other Garys, Gary-3 could only say one word: his own name. He eventually learned to communicate using the tone of his voice and the length of his words.

2277 Edit

In 2277, Gary-3 was kicked out of Vault 108 due to his non-violence.

Events of Big Easy Edit

2279 Edit

Sometime before 2279, Gary-3 came across a girl in the wastes named Amanda, and the two started travelling together. They ended up in the Big Easy shortly before the Stranger emerged from Vault 60.

2280 Edit

Overview Edit

Personality Edit

Unlike the other Gary clones, Gary-3 does not display the violent, pychopathic drive that compels them to attack any non-clones. Instead, he is considerate, kind and charitable.

Physical Appearance Edit

As a clone, Gary-3 is completely identical to his other Gary clones.

Relationships Edit

Amanda Edit

Gary-3 looks after Amanda and will protect her at all costs.

The Stranger Edit

Colin Shaw Edit

Gary and the Professor form a good friendship during their travels.

Jesus Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gary-3's previous adventures in the wasteland will be explored in the future, most likely in his own spin-off.
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