This list contains all known vaults in EDStudios' Fallout series.

List of known Vaults Edit

Designation Description Status Location Appearances
Vault 59 Unknown Big Easy Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy
Vault 60 Constructed as a sister vault to Vault 106 in the Capital Wasteland, Vault 60 was designed to test the residents' reactions to psychoactive drugs released into the Vault's air filtration system. Those who were affected by the drugs displayed heightened aggression, and those who were not affected locked those who were in the vault's lower levels and kept their descendants down there for generations. The vault door was ordered to never be opened, to prevent the "crazies" from ever escaping to the outside world if they invaded and killed the rest of the vault. The Stranger left the vault in 2279, in search of their sister Abigail. Active Westwego, Louisiana Fallout: Big Easy
Vault 65 This vault was an experiment with segregation, where white and black residents were forced into different parts of the vault; white residents were placed in luxury, while African American residents were placed into poverty-stricten areas. However, although Vault-Tec intended for this to start a race war, the two communities worked together and started a prosperous society within the vault, one that remains active. Although the segregation experiment failed, the residents of the vault continue to stick to isolationism, only occasionally opening the vault door to trade with the outside world. Failed Big Easy Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy
Vault 86 Unknown Unknown Big Easy Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy
Vault 108 All initial positions were left unfilled, allowing the terminally ill overseer to fill them in according to Vault protocols, creating a unique experimental situation. The Vault failed as a result of cloning experiments designed to replicate whole humans, instead creating Garys. One Gary, Gary-3, was kicked out of the vault due to not displaying the chaotic violence shown by the other clones. Failed Capital Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy (mentioned)
Vault 116 This vault was an experiment with the Forced Evolutionary Virus and is the source of the Super Mutants in the Big Easy. Failed (2080) Big Easy Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy
Vault 122 The true purpose of Vault 122 is not yet clear, but it is infamous in the wasteland for being the epicenter of the Ravaged Hills, the north-east region of the Big Easy. The vault took a direct hit from a nuclear warhead during the Great War, which scorched that entire area of Louisiana. Failed (2077) Big Easy Wasteland Fallout: Big Easy
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