New Orleans is a ruined pre-war city located in southern Louisiana. It and the surrounding wasteland serves as the setting of Fallout: Big Easy.

History Edit

New Orleans was founded by French colonists in 1718 and changed control several times, including the Spanish and the Confederacy. Before the war, it was known by the popular nickname "The Big Easy".

Following the outbreak of the Resource Wars, the food supply started to dwindle. Rationing sites were set up around the city and food riots broke out, like in Denver, Boston and several other cities.

The city was not hit directly by a warhead, but the outskirts of the city were hit twice; one hit to the far north-east of the city, and another hit off the coast of the city, causing devastating floods that have turned the lower districts of the city into a radioactive swamp. The far north-east of the region has become known as the Ravaged Hills, the source of the dust storms that plague the region.

The largest safe-zone in the city is the Superdome, which is also the largest and most fortified settlement in the Big Easy.

Layout Edit

The city is surrounded by vast irradiated swamps and bayous. Large parts of the city are underwater due to the bomb that detonated off the coast of the city, turning what was the southern neighbourhoods into a deadly radioactive swamp inhabited by dangerous mutants. Parts of the city are infested with super mutants, mostly in the northern areas.

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