The Ravaged Hills is a region of the Big Easy in Fallout: Big Easy. It was ground zero for one of the two high-yield nuclear blasts that devastated most of Louisiana.

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Originally the communities northeast of New Orleans proper, the area was ground zero of one of the two massive nuclear detonations outside the city during the Great War. The Ravaged Hills themselves are a dangerously irradiated hotspot, with above-average radiation levels throughout its territory. This area was where the atomic bomb struck in 2077.

It is a vast, isolated patch of heavily irradiated landscape, ripped up and reshaped by the atomic blast that devastated the area; this irregular landscape is what gives the area its name. Much of the Hills consists of scorched earth spotted with radioactive ponds, charred trees, wrecked cars and heaps of rubble, with hardly any signs of previous civilization. What few buildings remain that weren't outright reduced to thinly-spread debris are half-buried by landslides and sinkholes caused by the bomb.

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