"Surface never! Vault forever!"
-- The Overseer's motto
Vault 60 is one of the vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec just north of New Orleans. The vault is located in Westwego, just north of Tank Town. It was home of the Stranger until they left to find their sibling, Abigail.

History Edit

Construction and Purpose Edit

Construction of Vault 60 started in 2064, as the sibling vault of Vault 106 in the Capital Wasteland. Like Vault 106, Vault 60 was an experimental vault where psychoactive drugs were released into the vault's air filtration system. This sent most of the first generation of residents insane, leaving just a few who were not affected. The non-affected residents managed to trap all of the insane residents in the lower levels of the vault, where most of them slowly killed each other. Some of the insane residents survived and gave birth to children with heightened aggression, resulting in generations of insane, dangerous killers. It was thus decreed that the vault door would never be opened, so as to prevent the aggressive inhabitants from leaving if they ever invaded and killed the rest of the vault's inhabitants.

Abigail's Departure Edit

In 2279, Abigail managed to sneak past the vault's security and open the door to the vault, leaving the shelter forever. Opening the door threw the vault into chaos, resulting in some of the aggressive lower level dwellers escaping to the upper levels and causing a massacre, which led to Overseer Frankson declaring martial law. Abigail's younger sibling decided to head out into the wasteland to find her, leaving the vault's status uncertain.

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