Vault 65 is one of the vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec. It is located northeast of Tom's Village and east of The Blockade. It is home to a community of isolationist traders.

History Edit

Construction and Purpose Edit

It is not known when construction of Vault 65 began, although it may have been in 2060s. Like most vaults, Vault 65 was a social experiment set up by the Enclave. In Vault 65's case, it was an experiment with segregation, with caucasian and African American residents split into two different sections of the vault; white residents were placed into well-maintained, luxurious areas of the vault, in the well-protected lower levels, while black residents were placed into the barely-maintained, poverty-stricken and radiation-vulnerable upper levels. Vault-Tec arranged this in the hope it was incite racial tensions and paranoia, which would erupt in a race war.

However, instead of an eruption of racial tensions due to inequality, the two communities instead decided to overthrow their Overseer and unite, led by Samuel Cooke and Robert Wayne, two men who became known as the Founding Fathers. Over the course of generations, the vault turned into a largely mix-raced community who remained cautious of the outside world. In the 2260s, they decided to open the vault door for the first time and have reluctantly traded with the outside world since.

Arrival of The Stranger and their Companions Edit

In 2280, following their trek through the Haunted Marsh, the Companions arrived at the vault seeking rest and trade before their final push into the Ravaged Hills.

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